Real Estate

Advisory in Real Estate Development, Investment and Management.

Advisory in Real Estate Development, Investment and Management

Business Segments:

Real Estate Asset Management & Advisory

  • Advisory in identifying the best use and monetization of real estate assets
  • Advisory for land development
  • Advisory in the selection of partners and operators of real estate assets
  • Advisory in real estate management of existing assets

Sourcing and Structuring of Real Estate Projects

  • Identification of investment opportunities, capital raising and deal structuring
  • Sourcing of projects adherent to the investment criteria of institutional investors
  • Structuring of projects based on partnerships between real estate owners and strategic investors

Management of Investments in Real Estate

  • Fund raising with institutional and financial investors for investments in real estate assets
  • Management of investments in real estate, including deal sourcing, investment decision, portfolio management and sale of assets
  • Structuring and management of investment vehicles appropriate to each business

Real Estate Development

  • Real Estate development services